Du Meizhu’s ex-friends reveal a recording of her admitting to having no evidence against Kris Wu, “Let’s just scare him”

Netizens are suspecting Du Meizhu has deliberately been acting like a victim to ruin Kris Wu. 

On March 8, Weibo was stirred up by an audio that is believed to be the voice of Du Meidzu – the influencer that put Kris Wu to jail. In the recording, Du Meidzu herself admitted that she had no actual proof to “expose” Kris Wu. She and her friends were only trying to scare him. This “plot twist” is taking Chinese netizens by storm. 

This second recording was released by Li En and Liu Meili (two former friends of Du Meidzu). Du Meidzu first talked about a contract, hinting that the other party (believed to be Kris Wu) was preparing money: “I think he wants to gamble with me, everything is 50-50, if you lose, you will lose everything, there’s no turning back.” Du Meidzu then added: “If we put pressure on him, he will have to gamble. But we don’t have any real evidence, so let’s just scare him”.

Du Meizhu-Kris Wu

If they ended up in court, Du Meidzu said: “We probably can’t win against him. Everyone’s chance of winning is 50%.” Previously, on March 6, Li En and Liu Meili released the first recording of Du Meidzu, in which she said: “He definitely has never slept with a minor. I told him I had evidence. At first I asked for 8 million yuan. I thought he was stunned, he must be thinking where to get 8 million yuan.”  

Some netizens have summarized the 2 recordings of Du Meidzu and concluded that she lied and pretended to be a victim to blackmail Kris Wu. Other female influencers claiming they were victims of the former EXO member did not come forward and show evidence to the police. Some even deleted their posts after becoming famous thanks to Kris Wu‘s scandal.

Du Meizhu-Kris Wu

In response to the recordings posted by her ex-friends, in a recent livestream, Du Meizhu said: “Don’t believe online rumors, you guys should wait for the truth to be revealed. Those who do wrong things will have to bear the consequences. I have no reason to forgive those people.”

Currently, netizens are all surprised and confused. Many netizens think that Du Meidzu made all of this up to destroy Kris Wu‘s career and image. Currently, Kris Wu is still in jail. The authorities are still investigating and have not made any new statements about his case. 

Kris Wu

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