Dispatch exposed MAMA 2020: forcing artists to perform in dusty studios like construction sites, idols were treated like props

The artists attending MAMA 2020 had to pre-record in dirty, dusty studios, which could seriously affect their health.

 After the 2020 MAMA ceremony caused controversy because of discrimination between idols and actors, some idols and their agencies also revealed that they had to pre-record in difficult and poor conditions. The pre-recording location of the performances at MAMA 2020 was accused of being filled with dirty dust, similar to a construction site. Dispatch was present at this venue to learn about the idols’ shooting conditions.

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This year’s awards ceremony took place at CJ ENM Contents World, located in Paju.  This is an event space that is currently under construction.  According to Paju City Hall, only 30-40% of the sites have been completed, the whole project is expected to be completed by 2023. Out of the 10 planned buildings, 2 areas have been temporarily completed which are studio 5 and 6.

Because of construction, this area is overflowing with forklifts and dump trucks. The parking lot where idols had to wait inside because there was no waiting room, is bareground, filled with dirt and sand, and not yet paved. There are plenty of solid warning or fire warning signs around this area. Idol groups couldn’t even open car windows because dust and sand were coming in,

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 During the pre-recording of the stages, studio 5 was used as a waiting room, while the stage was set up in studio 6. Pre-recording for MAMA 2020 started at the beginning of December. Some groups had to come to this place many times to shoot necessary scenes, and during that time the performance conditions were extremely poor for idols.

 An anonymous idol said, “I pre-recorded the performance in a new building. But I heard a staff member scream, their mask changed from white to black because of the dust.”

 Another idol revealed that she had a sore throat due to dirt coming from the surrounding construction: “They continued the construction while I was pre-recording. It was difficult because the dust was everywhere, my throat was very painful”.

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Dispatch then visited this area and found that studios 5 and 6 were being removed for further construction.  At the location that used to be studio 6, dust constantly spilled into reporters’ eyes, nose and mouth. This situation is also authenticated by a management company.

 A representative of a company shared: “The level of dust in the studio during the recording process was severe. I kept scratching my nose because of itching, and black dust came out. Our masks also turned black “.

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 Idols suffer even more because they couldn’t wear masks while performing.  Contrary to the complaints from the artists and their agencies, CJ ENM said that they were comfortable with the conditions at the studio: “The air conditioning system was turned on at full capacity during recording. We also used spray trucks to reduce dust”.

 However, some female groups even have to pre-record their stages on the morning of the 2020 MAMA. Therefore, many people wonder if there was enough time to clean up the dust in the studio.

 An anonymous agency said, “The day of the event, there was still a pre-recording. Then they removed the props to turn it into a live stage. I doubt they will be able to remove the dust after the pre-recordings”.

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According to Dispatch, an investigation into the level of fine dust at the aforementioned location took place in 2019. However, everything was not checked before MAMA held.  As a result, an agency representative harshly criticized the organizers, claiming that idols are no different from being forced to perform at the construction site: “Idols were treated like props for the stages. If you consider them as real singers, you shouldn’t have let them record at such a place. In other words, it was like performing at a construction site.”

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Source: kenh14

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