HYPE Bang Si-hyuk is included in the top 25 most powerful executives in the world’s music industry in 2022

This is definitely good news for fandom ARMY on New Year’s Day!

Recently, Billboard has announced an important list called “2022 Billboard Power List“, listing the 25 most powerful names in the world music industry. These are the people behind the artists and the ones who operate the entire world’s music industry by running giant multinational entertainment corporations and mainstream music platforms, etc.

2022 Billboard Power List

Therefore, these names might be unfamiliar with the mass audience, but they are really the most powerful figures in the global music industry.

At the top of the heap is Sir Lucian Grainge, Chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group. The #2 position belongs to the Chairman of Sony Music Group – Rob Stringer CBE while the #3 belongs to the CEO of Warner Music Group – Stephen Cooper. The top three positions also reflect the three biggest music groups that dominate this industry: Universal Music Group, Sony Music Group and Warner Music Group.

In the top 25, there are also key leaders of music listening platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music,etc. , giant social networks like YouTube, TikTok,… Republic Records record labels, Columbia Records, Atlantic Records,etc. and the concert promotion company Live Nations.

Sir Lucian Grainge Taylor Swift.
Sir Lucian Grainge (wearing glasses) besides Taylor Swift.

Notably at #18 is Mr. Bang Si-hyuk, President of HYBE. His position today mainly comes from the explosive success of BTS as the number 1 boy group in the world at the moment. Currently under Bang Si-hyuk are member companies with popular artists such as BTS, TXT, Seventeen as well as Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, Demi Lovato,…

Bang Si-hyuk’s rise to the top shows the inevitable expansion of Kpop and the increasing contribution of HYBE and BTS to the world music market. This is what makes fans completely proud in the first days of the year!

bang si hyuk bts
President Bang Si-hyuk and BTS.


  • #1 Sir Lucian Grainge – President/CEO, Universal Music Group
  • #2 Rob Stringer CBE – President, Sony Music Group
  • #3 Stephen Cooper – CEO, Warner Music Group
    • Max Lousada – CEO, Warner Recorded Music
  • #4 Daniel Ek – CEO, Spotify
  • #5 Jon Platt – President/CEO, Sony Music Publishing
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