Jo In Sung boasts his godly body proportion overseas 

Jo In Sung shows off his divine physique in the latest Instagram posts. 

On May 24, Jo In Sung updated his official Instagram with 3 new photos of him taken during an overseas trip. Wearing a stylish yet comfy outfit with a trench coat, a bucket hat, and sneakers, the actor boasts his incredibly tall height of 187 cm and godly body proportion. A photo of Jo In Sung smiling brightly at the camera especially drew attention. 

Fans shared their explosive reactions to the photos through comments such as “Please show us your handsome face closer”, “Surreal body proportion”, and “Looks like oppa is having a good time”.

Meanwhile, Jo In Sung recently said goodbye to viewers of tvN’s variety reality show ‘Unexpected Business 2’, which aired its last episode on May 19th.

jo in sung

Source: Nate

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