Discover the secrets of KPOP idols: Jungkook’s breakup was due to his laziness, Irene was able to debut because of her beauty

KPOP idols always have many secrets that they want to hide from being revealed to the public; for example, BIGBANG’s leader G-Dragon once pretended to be sick in order to stay with his girlfriend.

Not only idols but normal people like us also have our own secrets that we don’t want other people to know. Therefore, even if we have been a fan of an idol for a long time, we still cannot understand 100% everything about that idol. Below are some secrets that even ‘senior’ KPOP fans would have missed out.

G-Dragon (BIGBANG) pretended to be sick to spend time with his girlfriend

In the eyes of fans, BIG BANG’s leader G-Dragon has always been a singer that is full of swag. Fans are all overwhelmed by his coolness on stage, in pictorials, and even the photos on his Instagram. Although he put on a fancy cover on the outside, G-Dragon is actually a warm-hearted person, and he often feels shy meeting strangers.

G-Dragon - Jennie did not hide the fact that they were dating

People all behave the same ways, even the global superstar G-Dragon. He once has special feelings for a girl that made him pretend to be sick to spend time with her. When the secret was revealed, netizens were surprised at how sweet G-Dragon would be when he falls in love.

Irene (Red Velvet) was accepted to SM for being too beautiful

It is undeniable that Irene owns an outstanding beauty and is recognized as one of the top visuals of KPOP’s 3rd generation. Therefore, not so many people know the fact that Irene didn’t pass any auditions but was cast by SM because of her visual. It is said that Irene went to the audition just for fun due to an invitation from her friends, and she had never intended to become an idol.

Therefore, Irene didn’t pass the audition. However, a few months later, staff from SM called Irene and asked her to sign a contract with the company. Netizens believe that SM was interested in the beauty of Irene, so they decided to accept her as a trainee. After training for a long time, Irene debuted with Red Velvet members and has become a successful idol.

Yura (Girl’s Day) buys 500 million won in insurance for her legs

It is not uncommon for celebrities to buy insurance for themselves.  “Country music princess” Taylor Swift once spent 40 million USD for her legs.  And in K-pop, there is a similar situation.  Girl’s Day member – Yura bought 10 billion dong insurance for her legs.  This investment is also understandable because Yura owns a hot body and incredibly long and straight legs.

Jungkook (BTS) broke up with his ex as he was too lazy to go on a date

Until now, BTS members rarely talk about their love life.  When he first debuted, Jungkook once opened up about his high school love story with his ex-girlfriend on the show American Hustle Life.  Accordingly, because Jungkook was often paired with many other female friends, he considered dating just for fun.  When he saw a girl, Jungkook asked: “Let’s go on a date,” but he didn’t want to meet that girl.

Until the 200th day of love, Jungkook took the initiative to break up with that girl because he was too lazy to go out.  Jungkook’s childish love story has a very weird ending that few can imagine.  The male singer also said, “In the past, I thought it was the same whether I was dating or not.”

These secrets of idols must only be known to long-time fans.  Through that, new fans understand more about the secret things that idols rarely share.

Only long-term fans must be familiar with these secrets of idols. New fans will thus be better aware of the private things that Kpop stars seldom disclose.

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