Did they forget to file her visa application? aespa Ningning finally makes it to Paris on time!

NingNing (aespa) was recently blocked on her way to Paris

According to previously reported information, aespa will attend Givenchy’s show at Paris Fashion Week as an Ambassador. Yesterday, 3 members (Karina, Giselle, Winter) departed for France, except for Ningning who could not go due to visa problems.

Givenchy’s show will take place tomorrow night (October 2). However, until now SM has not made any further announcements about Ningning’s situation, which makes many fans very confused as to whether Ningning can appear at this important event. Fans were extremely angry because they thought SM was treating Ningning unfairly. 

Notably, Ningning herself recently clarified her own problem through Bubble. Specifically, the female idol sent a message in Chinese through this platform. The first 2 words of her message are “没办”, which meant “not applied.” So, it looks like the company forgot to file her visa application. As a result, rather than her nationality as had been previously assumed, SM Entertainment was to blame for the issue.

However, late on October 1 (KST), some fans reported that they had seen Ningning in Paris, which means she will be able to attend the Fashion Week with the other members.

Source: Twitter

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