Did Taylor Swift really ask everyone to cheer for BLACKPINK Lisa at the 2022 MTV VMAs?

A video, said to be Taylor Swift asking people to stand up for Lisa is going viral on Twitter, but what is the truth?

Alongside her resounding achievement with 3 awards at the 2022 and the announcement of her 10th studio album, “Midnights”, Taylor Swift also became a hot topic due to a certain video

Taylor Swift

In particular, a Twitter user published a footage of Taylor Swift asking people to give a standing ovation, and mentioned that such an action happened when BLACKPINK Lisa was announced as the winner for Best Kpop. The post immediately went viral with over 80 thousand likes and 3 million views within 6 hours. 

However, as it turns out, Taylor Swift did the above gesture while Nicki Minaj was giving her speech. This also clears up rumors that Taylor Swift is having beef with Nicki, though it did disappoint some Kpop fans. 

Taylor Swift asking everyone to giving Nicki Minaj a standing ovation 
taylor swift
At the 2022 MTV VMAs, Taylor Swift also announced her upcoming album, “Midnights”, which included 13 songs. 

While Taylor Swift didn’t call for a standing ovation during Lisa’s speech, there are various other interactions between the pop star and BLACKPINK that got fans excited. 

In particular, before the MTV VMAs, Taylor Swift published a Tik Tok video that used “Pink Venom” – BLACKPINK’s new single –  as a backtrack. This is the pop sensation’s first time using a Kpop song for her Tik Tok, leading to speculations about a possible collab between Taylor and BLACKPINK.

Taylor Swift’s Tik Tok video with “Pink Venon”

Moreover, during BLACKPINK’s performance at the MTV VMAs, Taylor Swift was also caught singing along and dancing to the chorus of “Pink Venom”

Taylor Swift dancing along to “Pink Venom”

Taylor Swift never fails to deliver interesting reactions whenever she listens to a song she enjoys, even at award ceremonies. Even when the internet mock and joke about her, the pop star never seems to care about their reaction.

Taylor Swift’s hilarious reaction to Lizzo’s opening performance 

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