Despite MAMA 2017’s ignorance, YG’s idols are still nominated in MMA

YG’s fans are excited to prepare to vote for their idols in the MMA “competition” after they were ignored by MAMA.

Recently, Melon Music Awards (MMA) has announced the list of voting categories for the year-end awards. The surprising thing is that, among 17 categories, more than 2/3 are YG’s artists who are nominated.

Especially, Winner, after being neglected by MAMA 2017, appear in 4 important categories of MAMA: “Artist of the year”, “Song of the year”, “Netizen Popularity Award” and “The Best Dance Song”.  Besides, Winner is also nominated for “The most favorite social network nowadays”. This is seen as a recognition for the group after one year working hard.


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Finally, Winner is nominated!

Furthermore, Though Big Bang did not work as a group much in 2017, they are still nominated for “Artist of the year”, and the album of G-Dragon, the group leader, is also on the nomination list.

Moreover, Black Pink as well as “As if it’s your last” also appear in the nomination for “Song of the year”.


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Big Bang and Winner are also in the Top 10 Artist of the year 2017


Many other names from YG such as Zion. T, PSY, Akdong Musician are also nominated. This is cheerful news for YG’s fans to “recover” after they were neglected at MAMA.

In the last 2 years, MMA has got many attention which is not less than MAMA, the hottest Korean Music Awards. Furthermore, MMA’s nomination categories also receive more supports because they are fair and less commercial. Moreover, the criteria to choose the winner is very clear.

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It is a must to mention Big Bang who helped MMA reach an amazing rating by their high quality performance in the shows. This year, many fans hope that YG’s idols will join and have a performance at MMA because with the “for free” nomination of MAMA, CEO Yang Huyn Suk will probably never let his idol join again.

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