Despite having such a talent, this SM’s idol ends her career at the age of 22, making the public regret 

The fact that the group’s activities were frozen made this girl unable to pursue her career as an idol.

As one of the most multi-talented idols in SM’s flower garden, Krystal has everything from beauty, and talent to a captivating aura. When she was in the group f(x), Krystal was always the member who attracted the most fans. She was called “Ice Princess” because of her extremely attractive cold aura on stage. But as an idol, Krystal is also the idol that causes the most regret. 

Her beauty will be remembered forever by the fans.
Krystal is always appreciated for her charisma and super slim body.
Krystal’s tiny waist.

Debuting as an idol in 2009 with f(x) with La Cha Ta, even though she was only 14 years old at that time, Krystal quickly became one of the most talented female idols of the 2nd generation. She was the most popular idol of the group because she was the younger sister of Jessica (former SNSD member). Therefore, it is not difficult for Krystal to become a famous idol. However, later on, things didn’t go well with Krystal. 

Krystal with formidable beauty when she was only 14 years old

In f(x), Krystal takes on three roles as the maknae, visual, and lead vocalist of the group. She is just like her sister Jessica since she has both a cold beauty and a stable vocal. Even though she is only a lead vocalist, it can be said that Krystal’s voice can overpass the main vocal of some other groups.

Krystal has always been a prominent member of the f(x) lineup.

However, in 2014 Sulli went from being suspended to leaving the group in 2015 causing f(x) to start a series of days of being neglected by the management company SM. Their last music video is 4 Walls. This is also the last time that Krystal is seen promoting a new song as an idol.

At that time, Krystal was only 22 years old, a too young an age for an idol that has been in the industry for 5 years. When compared to today’s idols, Krystal was at the same age as ITZY Chaeryeong, Ryujin, Kim Min Ju or aespa Winter, etc. Since 4 Walls’, it wasn’t until 2019 that people saw Krystal in SM’s show in Japan. 

Though having everything to become a top Kpop idol, Krystal makes many fans regret her short career, being neglected by the company and not even having a solo album.

Idol Krystal in the last stage of 2019.

Currently, despite focusing on acting and still appearing regularly in front of the media, fans still miss the image of the idol Krystal. Topics about Krystal as an idol are still discussed by Knet from time to time and regret that she left the industry too early. 

Krystal is currently focusing on her image as an actress and still regularly appears in fashion magazines.

Knet comments: 

  •  It’s a pity that we can’t see idol Soojung anymore.
  • She looks so young in 4Walls! Debuting in middle school, Krystal’s career ended when she was so young.
  • Why didn’t she have a solo album?
  • Oh, at that time, Krystal looked like she was 25-26 years old. Didn’t expect her to be so young.
  • Honestly, I think she’s more suitable as an idol than an actress. Too bad I can’t see her on stage anymore.
  • It’s amazing, she looks like an unnie but turns out she’s still a baby.
  • She shined on stage with a beautiful appearance and strong voice. What a pity! 
  • “4 Walls”s concept is very mature so when finding out Krystal’s real age, everyone was shocked.
  • Dancing, singing, charisma, she has them all. We miss Krystal on stage so much.
  • The 2nd generation idols have a lot of people who debuted when they were young, so their age is not much different from the 3rd generation.
  • To me, Krystal is an amazing idol. She dances well, sings well. Moreover, she is pretty and has a great temperament.

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