“Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” NCT Doyoung: “A very precious and valuable experience”

‘To X Who Doesn’t Love Me’, which NCT Doyoung challenged his acting skills, ends today (28th)

Doyoung played the role of Jung Si-ho in the original TVing drama “Dear X Who Doesn’t Love Me” which is a romance drama about a magical notebook that can make anyone fall in love with someone for one month. 

‘Jung Si-ho’, played by Doyoung in the drama, is a boyfriend who genuinely cares about Hee-soo (Han Ji-hyo), who has been dating for a month. He drew the sympathy of many people with the image of a college student who is full of passion.

In particular, Doyoung received a good response from viewers by delicately portraying the sweet yet youthful charm of ‘Jung Si-ho’, as well as the trauma he received during his school days and the complex heart that couldn’t make a proper confession for fear of breaking the relationship.

Doyoung said, “Filming ‘To X Who Doesn’t Love Me’ was a very precious and valuable experience for me. I also think I was able to learn a lot more about acting through Si-ho. Thank you to the fans and viewers who supported and watched Si-ho.”

Source: daum

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