“Day Without Hands” Han Ga In, “A director told me that I wouldn’t be able to become an actress. He complimented me after I became famous”

Broadcaster Shin Dong Yeop and actress Han Ga In confessed the sad experiences they had during their rookie days.

In the 7th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “Day Without Hands”, which is scheduled to air at 8:50 p.m on January 6th, Shin Dong Yeop and Han Ga In will with three young CEOs, who are living in a shared office in Pangyo and leading their own start-up businesses, and listen to their stories about start-up challenges.

Han Ga-in

The broadcast will show the three CEOs moving from their Pangyo office to a new shared office in Bundang after their house contract expires thanks to a government-sponsored project. The three, who are enduring Death Valley (a situation in which start-up businesses struggle to manage their companies due to failure in attracting funds, etc.), will touch viewers with their unchanging passion and positive energy despite facing ups and downs.

In the recent recording, the three CEOs said, “I actually earned nothing before last year. That’s why I worked two jobs. I once caused an accident because I dozed off while doing delivery at dawn”, honestly confessing the current status of Korean startups. One of them added, “When I started my business, many people criticized and admonished me. I couldn’t refute them, and that remains a wound in my heart”, drawing regret.

Han Ga-in

It is known that Shin Dong Yeop and Han Ga In expressed deep sympathy when listening to the stories of the young CEOs and then recalled their rookie days. Shin Dong Yeop revealed his sad memory, saying “Many people told me that I would never succeed as a comedian. It was because my style was too neat and clean to be a comedian. When never I was hurt by harsh comments, I urged myself to make a 19+ joke”.

Han Ga In also told the hurtful story she had when she was a rookie, saying “There was a director who told me that I would never be able to become an actress. After I became famous, I met him at a broadcasting station and he complimented me, ‘Oh, you’re the lovely actress who looks like a rabbit’.”

Source: Nate

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