Criminal psychologist Park Ji Sun analyzes, “Park Yeon Jin in ‘The Glory’ is not a psychopath”

Professor Park Ji Sun revealed her thoughts on the character Park Yeon Jin in Netflix’s original series “The Glory”.

Professor Park Ji Sun, a criminal psychologist, guested on the June 7th broadcast of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”.


During their talk, MC Jung Hyung Don curiously asked, “Are psychopaths innate or acquired?”. Professor Park Ji Sun replied, “All human behaviors are influenced by both genetics and environmental factors”. She added, “We must learn the importance of not causing harm to others from a young age. If parents don’t scold children when they do something wrong, it may result in a big problem.”

lim ji yeon

Hearing this, MC Lee Chan Won mentioned the drama “The Glory”, which deals with school violence, and the character Park Yeon Jin portrayed by actress Lim Ji Yeon, saying “What about Yeon Jin? Is she a psychopath?”.
Amidst everyone’s attention, Professor Park Ji Sun said, “According to the criteria for diagnosing psychopathy, Park Yeon Jin would not be considered a psychopath”, raising the MCs’ curiosity about the reasons.

lim ji yeon

In response, the professor asked, “Does Yeon Jin have any criminal record? Or is there any evidence that she actively committed crimes among her many wrongdoings?”. She explained, “In the last scene when Yeon Jin is in the prison, doesn’t she give a weather forecast in front of other prisoners? That’s when her emotions explode.”

lim ji yeon

She continued, “In my opinion, if she were a psychopath, she would remain calm without showing any changes in expression. To survive in that group, she must do well without getting shaken emotionally”. Professor Park added, “Among Yeon Jin’s characteristics, the fact that she shows no emotional response when manipulating others and tormenting victims is consistent with psychopathic traits. However, based on antisocial criteria, it’s just her method to cleverly conceal her crime.”

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