“Couple bracelet, same place” meenoi rumored to be dating Woo Won-jae

Rappers meenoi and Woo Won-jae were embroiled in dating rumors.

Recently, a post about meenoi and Woo Won-jae’s romantic relationship was uploaded on various online communities.

The author of the post claimed, “This is the bracelet meenoi was wearing in her selfies. Woo Won-jae wore the same bracelet on stage. There are also photos taken at the same place.”

In the photos, meenoi was drawing a V while looking at the camera. On one arm of her was a knotted bracelet. Woo Won-jae was also wearing the same bracelet as meenoi in a performance.

This was not all. meenoi posted a scenery picture taken at a park on her Instagram story. Soon after, Woo Won-jae also uploaded a photo taken at the same park.

Netizens showed reactions such as “It was very obvious”, “Honestly, they are a good match”, “I didn’t know Woo Won-jae appeared on ‘meenoi’s Yorizori'”, “In-house romance” and “Isn’t this obvious even if it’s not official?”

Source: wikitree

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