Kim Seon-ho, visiting a tteokbokki store → donating 50 million won… His popularity is still as strong as it was

Actor Kim Seon-ho is calmly preparing to return after suffering a storm last year.

Kim Seon-ho, who is currently focusing on filming his next movie “Sad Tropical“, is still drawing public attention with every move. On Feb 14th, an official from Kim Seon-ho‘s agency Salt Entertainment told Sports Today, “Kim Seon-ho donated 50 million won to the Korea Leukemia Children’s Foundation in December last year.”

In particular, Kim Seon-ho already donated 100 million won to the same foundation in January 2021. In response, the official added, “We ask for your understanding that we are careful about giving details as this is a personal matter.”

Actor Kim Seon-ho

In addition, Kim Seon-ho, who is currently filming “Sad Tropical”, recently received public attention once again with an SNS post uploaded by A, the owner of a tteokbokki store located in Jeju Island.

At that time, A revealed through the store’s SNS that the “Sad Tropical” filming team including Kim Seon-ho had been there. However, after that, some fans left direct messages (DM) and comments asking for information related to Kim Seon-ho’s private life, causing a disturbance.

A confessed, “There are many episodes that make me angry, like people asking for personal information as if they were reporters, but I won’t list them here. The director and actors followed all the quarantine rules, ate and left quietly, so please stop attacking me and being sarcastic. Please stop spreading facts that don’t exist.”

Actor Kim Seon-ho

Kim Seon-ho, who was under fire last year due to his private life scandal, declined the next projects he had planned after dropping out of KBS2’s entertainment program “1 Night 2 Days Season 4”. Among them, director Park Hoon-jung’s new film “Sad Tropical” held Kim Seon-ho‘s hand until the end.

The advertising industry that turned its back on Kim Seon-ho at the beginning of the controversy also withdrew one by one, and it is now possible to find advertisements featuring him on TV and online. Besides, at the “2021 Asia Artist Awards” held last year, Kim Seon-ho won the RET Popularity Award and the U+Idol Live Popularity Award. However, he did not attend the awards ceremony as if he was conscious of public opinion, but his agency said on their official SNS, “Thank you for always being a big help.”

Actor Kim Seon-ho

Despite being in the seclusion of his own home, Kim Seon-ho is receiving keen attention as everything from the restaurant he visited to the fact of his donation has been revealed. Will Kim Seon-ho, who once stood at the center of controversy, succeed in making a comeback with “Sad Tropical”? It can be seen that his popularity is still as strong as it was.

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