Not attending the 2021 AAA award ceremony due to his ‘private life’ scandal, Kim Seon-ho received the trophies from his staff

The trophies of 2 awards won by Kim Seon-ho at the 2021 AAA were delivered to the actor by his staff.

Although Kim Seon-ho was absent from the 2021 Asian Artist Awards (AAA) due to the controversy over his private life, the trophies were already delivered to him safely. Kim Seon-ho’s agency received the trophies on behalf of him, then delivered them to the actor and released a short position.

Kim Seonho topped the votes of 2 categories, the “RET Popularity Award” and the “U+Idol Live Popularity Award”, in which the winner was determined by 100% global fan votes at the 2021 AAA. Even though his ‘private life’ scandal had already arisen when the votes were held ahead of the 2021 AAA ceremony on December 2nd, Kim Seon-ho still dominated the No.1 place in both popularity categories with overwhelming numbers of votes.

U+Idol Live Popularity Award RET Popularity Award Kim Seon-ho

However, Kim Seon-ho has been refraining from appearing in public due to the scandal related to his ex-girlfriend. As his ‘private life’ controversy continued to some extent, the actor reportedly halted his decision on whether to attend the 2021 AAA awards ceremony or not. Eventually, Kim Seon-ho decided to be absent from the 2021 AAA’s lineup, and the trophies were sent to Salt Entertainment, Kim Seon-ho’s agency.

On December 5th, Salt Entertainment posted a photo of the trophies on their official Instagram account and wrote, “We have delivered the precious hearts of everyone and the trophies to the actor well. Thank you for always giving great support to Kim Seon-ho. We will do our best to repay your precious love.”

Kim Seon-ho

The released photo showed 2 trophies won by Kim Seon-ho at the 2021 Asian Artist Awards.

After that, an article congratulating Kim Seon-ho’s awards was posted on the Instagram account “Kim Seon-ho’s Staff Diary” managed by Salt Entertainment, saying, “I want to deliver my gratitude to fans for giving me these meaningful awards. Thanks for always supporting me. I will do my best to repay your love with better performances.”

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