Controversy arises when 11-year-old elementary student, Kim Rayul, joins talent show

2010-born members of 4Carat shocked the audience for being too young.  

On December 21st, the finale of the show “Up To You” was broadcast live on Afreeca TV. The competition selects 5 out of 100 participants with the aim of creating an idol group. The contestants will perform a variety of skills from singing, dancing to rapping.  

Up To You
Kim Rayul’s young age concerns the public 

After a stressful month of competition, the final lineup was announced. The winners included Yooya, Yooya, Nayomi, Gyum Dungi, Kim Rayul and Yoon Sooya. However, viewers were shocked when they learnt that Kim Rayul was only 11 years old (born in 2011) and strongly criticized Afreeca TV for letting an elementary student to be in the show. In Korea, the elementary system consists of 6 grades. 

Up to you

Moreover, the oldest member – Yooya (born in 1997), is 14 years older than Kim Rayul and is in the same debut lineup, raising concern over the generational difference in the group. Moreover, fans of the show expressed regret when Chohee could not debut despite being in second place in the semi-final. On the contrary, Kim Rayul soared from 19th to 4th place in a matter of days, raising suspicion of the transparency of the show. 

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