Contrary to the negative reaction to Chaeyeon, netizens praise ITZY Ryujin for dancing as well as a professional dancer

The ITZY member is also pitted against a professional dancer, but netizens’ reaction is totally different.

Recently, Chaeyeon has been continuously dragged into comparisons with professional dancers. Netizens show their disappointment and claim that Chaeyeon’s skills are not on the same level as professional dancers although she is one of the most famous dancers among idols. 

Netizens claim that Chaeyeon was completely overshadowed by professional dancers when dancing next to each other 

Since then, comparing idols with dancers has become a trending topic. Ryujin is also put into a similar situation but fortunately gets a different reaction. Her performance is praised a lot by Knetizens for being no less outstanding than BLACKPINK Rosé’s dancing trainer.

Ryujin is constantly praised for her equally good dancing in comparison with a professional dancer

ITZY’s Wannabe choreography was choreographed by YGX’s Lee Jung. This female choreographer is famous for being young and talented. She was born in 1998 but already has an impressive series of achievements. She has choreographed for many famous groups such as BLACKPINK, TWICE, ITZY, (G)I-DLE…  In particular, she is also known as Rosé’s trainer and is currently the leader of YGX competing on Street Woman Fighter.

Lee Jung’s achievements show that Ryujin has a clear disadvantage when she is put up against Lee Jung. However, the ITZY’s center has long been famous for her dancing, so it’s not easy for her to lose. She nailed the choreography that Lee Jung created, executed her movements with both power and sharpness, successfully conveyed the essence of the choreography with her eye-catching expression. As expected of the idol who made this choreography go viral in Kpop.

Thanks to Ryujin’s excellent performance, the shoulder dance went viral in Kpop, making every fan fall in love with

Knetizens have agreed that both of them were excellent but especially given more compliments to Ryujin. Because even next to a formidable professional, she still stands out.

Some comments from Knetizens:

  • Wow Ryujin did a good job
  • Lee Jung is the best, Ryujin is also the best, both are amazing.
  • I think this is the first time I’ve seen a choreographer and a singer’s dancing look equally good. Usually dancers are better at dancing than idols, so their movements are very different.
  • Ryujin is really good at dancing.
  • Ryujin is amazing.
  • As expected of the choreography made by Lee Jung. I love Lee Jung.
  • ITZY is one of those idol groups that make you feel the energy every time they dance.
  • This is my first time seeing an idol dance as well as a choreographer. Ryujin really suits that dance.
  • Ryujin is top-notch.
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