Jihyo (TWICE) claims herself a bad dancer, the reason comes from the other members?

What makes TWICE’s talented leader so self-deprecating?

Jihyo recently released a dance cover MV for Camila Cabello’s song “Crown” as part of the Performance Project series, which explores new facets and images of TWICE members. Despite the positive reception from fans, Jihyo expressed her disappointment with her performance. Jihyo even admits that she is a lousy dancer.

This story is revealed in detail in the behind-the-scenes video of Jihyo’s song recording and dance practice.  In the short video recorded, it can be seen that Jihyo always works hard to do her best.

The choreographer complimented Jihyo on her performance despite the challenging choreography, and even offered a joke about Jihyo! She claimed that Jihyo had constantly told her that she wasn’t a good dancer, so the choreographer went out of her way to get fancams of TWICE’s leader on stage and was blown away by the choreography.

“She always says that she forgets the moves all the time. So I looked up all her dance videos… What a liar! She keeps saying she’s a bad dancer, so I told her she’s a liar. She dances so hard in those videos I watched.” – The choreographer shared.

The choreographer also stated that she adores Jihyo and that she is quite adept at learning choreography in under two hours. Jihyo then explained why she kept saying she was such a lousy dancer. It came out that this was due to the fact that TWICE members all picked up on things rapidly while training. The girls can memorize the majority of the movements after only one or two turns of practice.

Jihyo, like the rest of the JYP girls, is a fantastic dancer. TWICE’s leader has demonstrated her talent as well as her attractive, unassuming demeanor.

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