CL talked about the process of making her first solo album “ALPHA”: Hard times, goals and ambitions

CL said people around often advise her to “ride the wave”. They said, “You can go really far if you ride the wave”. In response, CL asked back, “Why should it be the wave?

“I could become the wave myself, not the person riding the wave”


CL laughed and said that there were many twists and turns while she was working on her album “ALPHA”. She shared, “This album went through a lot of extreme periods. Both good things and bad things happened. There were times when I had to reproduce the songs with the ideas and messages that I wrote before, and my team had to reorganize the business setup and creative setup from the beginning. On the other hand, there were also songs that I worked on within only two weeks”. She continued, “I purposely made this album with no featuring artist. I wanted to show different colors of CL’s voice, sounds, and messages, so I filled this album with only my voice to make it my own blueprint.”

CL shared another story, “When I leave my old company, as a soloist, there were many things I didn’t know. Rather than meeting someone when I was still weak, I think I would look more powerful after finding back myself and becoming stronger. Therefore, I wanted to find out the way to lay the foundation myself first. Now, as an independent artist, I decided to make a fresh start with an album like this.”

CL also answered questions about her goals and direction as a female solo artist. She said, “I want to become an artist that people would not be aware of my gender. I don’t have a specific role model, but I will become a person that I imagine of myself. It was not easy to imagine how “ALPHA” would be until it was released. I think I can express what I consider a role model in another form later. And as an artist, I hope I can continue to improve steadily. I want to do anything as I wish.”

Moreover, she also replied enthusiastically when was asked for her honest thoughts about the shocking concept and costumes that were said to modify the image of CL. She shared, “I asked my team members to look at me to some extent. Since I have an artist mode but Chaerin is still the personality that makes CL, there are times when things didn’t happen in the right way, so I’m trying to make that balance.”

In addition, regarding CL’s tips for body care and exercises, she said, “I have been running and doing pilates. Rather than focusing on body care only, I try to pay more attention to maintaining a healthy life.”

Finally, CL expressed her ambition and talked about the achievements she wanted to get and the reactions she wished to receive, “I hope everyone can understand what I want to do. People who know me can recognize that Chaerin is making music again. I want to deliver my message well.”

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