Good news about the actor who got slapped by IU in “My Mister” delivered 5 years after the drama ended 

Unexpected news about actor Chae Dong Hyun, who received a powerful slap by IU in “My Mister”, was recently reported.

On February 22nd, netizens on online communities, such as Ppomppu, spread an article titled “The person who was slapped by IU got married”. The post contains a scene from tvN’s Wed-Thu drama “My Mister” aired in 2018.


At that time, IU (Lee Ji Eun) starred in the drama as Lee Ji An. With a furious expression, he slapped actor Chae Dong Hyun, who played Kim Young Dae, at a bar. IU gained compliments for her realistic acting in that scene.

Getting hit by IU on his cheek, Chae Dong Hyun looked as if he was really hurt and about to cry.

iu kim young dae

It is known that Chae Dong Hyun recently got married.

The netizen who wrote the article on Ppomppu said, “Actor Chae Dong Hyun whom IU coldly slapped in ‘My Mister’… He got married not long ago and IU even sang a congratulatory song at his wedding. It’s been 5 years since the drama ended. I guess they are still in touch with each other.”

A video of IU singing at Chae Dong Hyun’s wedding was also released. In the video, a wedding guest said, “IU sings a wedding congratulatory song? Wow… She’s so pretty”.


Born in 1980, Chae Dong Hyun made his acting debut in 1999 through EBS’s teen drama “Chase your dream”. He also appeared in tvN’s Fri-Sat drama “Blind” and Netflix’s original series “All of Us Are Dead”.

Source: wikitree

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