Suzy rumored to guest on Lee Young Ji’s drinking show “No Prepare” ahead of new drama “Doona!” 

Netizens are speculating that Suzy will appear on season 2 of the famous YouTube talk show “No Prepare” hosted by Lee Young Ji. 

Netizens recently noticed that Lee Young Ji, the host of “No Prepare”, has started following Suzy on Instagram. On her Instagram story, when asked by a fan, “I miss your interview. Do you plan to come back?,” Lee Young Ji replied, “Soon, with amazing first guest,” raising expectations.

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In response, netizens left comments, “Is Suzy the first guest?”, “Lee Young Ji always followed No Prepare guests after filming,” “Isn’t Suzy coming after filming for ‘Doona!’ ended?”, “I hope it’s Suzy.”

“No Prepare” is a YouTube entertainment talk show that started in June of last year, in which Lee Young Ji invites guests to her home and they chat while drinking. In Season 1, TXT’s Soobin, Sunmi, SEVENTEEN’s Hoshi, Kim Hyang Gi, ITZY’s Chaeryeong, Choi Yena, MONSTA X’s Hyungwon, Hyuna, SHINee’s Key, TWICE’s Nayeon, Chaeyoung, Christopher, Crush, and BTS’s Jin appeared as guests.


Meanwhile, Suzy will make a comeback in the webtoon-based drama “Doona!” on Netflix in 2023. “Doona!” tells the story of Lee Doona, who suddenly retired from her idol career, and Lee Won Jun, a freshman in his first year at university, living together in a shared house. Suzy takes on the role of the main character, Lee Doona, and Yang Se Jong plays Lee Won Jun.  

Source: wikitree

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