CL left some words on Instagram yesterday

CL posted a photo of a black cat on her story yesterday with the caption: ‘Fine’, ‘Do what you want’, ‘Funny’

Cl, yang hyunsuk, 2ne1
Netizen thought that CL was indirectly talking about Yang Hyunsuk as she had commented on his post, which was meant to announce the comeback date of YG artists
On 15th, Yang Hyunsuk posted an article about the MBC called ‘Unexpected Q’, which was related to Eun Jiwon and BlackPink Jisoo

Recently, Yang Hyunsuk announced the comeback schedules for many artists including BlackPink, iKON, Seung Ri, Sechs Kies but there has been no news about CL
The last time CL made a comeback was in 2015 with Hello Bitches and the last time 2NE1 released a music product was in January 2017 with ‘Good bye’
The paradox of K-biz: Good-looking idols are popular and unattractive ones also become phenomenas
CL appeared on Mixnine and Living the double life before but then, she hasn’t had any music activity for 1 year and 6 months
Many people question the relationship between CL and YG, some other think there’s nothing speical about this

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