BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album “BORN PINK”: Few songs, no featuring, continue to depend on Teddy 

The tracklist of BLACKPINK’s 2nd full album “BORN PINK” is drawing mixed reactions.

On September 16, BLACKPINK will officially release “BORN PINK”, their 2nd full album after the 1st full album “The Album” released in 2020. At midnight KST on September 7, YG dropped the tracklist of “BORN PINK” with specific credits of each song. Immediately, the tracklist has sparked mixed reactions among fans and netizens. 

“BORN PINK” consists of a total of 8 songs. Excluding 2 songs that have already been released, “Pink Venom” and “Ready For Love”, there are only 6 new tracks. This number is considered too small for a full album with nearly 2 years of preparation. 

In addition, the production team in charge of BLACKPINK’s new songs also leads to disappointment. Once again, Teddy plays a major role in the credits of “BORN PINK”, most noticeably the title track “Shut Down”. BLACKPINK’s pre-release single “Pink Venom” was given a humble score of only 2 by a well-known Korean music site. Experts say BLACKPINK seems to be focusing more on visuals and less on the quality of their music. 

After “Pink Venom”, BLACKPINK fans and casual listeners are looking forward to the group’s upcoming title track bringing new colors. However, with the production team being repetitive and not much different from the previous albums, the possibility of BLACKPINK releasing something new and innovative is seemingly low. 

Rosé and Jennie were frequently spotted working in the US and visiting producer Ryan Tedder’s studio during the hiatus. Ryan has also hinted at working with BLACKPINK, which has raised expectations. However, Born Pink didn’t release any products made in collaboration, which eliminated the chance of Rosé and Jennie forming a new sub-unit. Fans are also dissatisfied for this reason. Despite having few tracks, The Album also has collaborations with USUK artists Selena Gomez (Ice Cream) and Cardi B (Bet You Wanna). This did not happen with Born Pink.

Some comments from netizens:

– No but 8 songs are good but compared to their long hiatus, isn’t YG being too much?… And they have 8 songs including Ready For Love…

– I never expected YG to give us 10 songs for a full album but I feel robbed… Even so, I’m looking forward to it

– The number of songs is a let down…

– Having 8 songs for a full album is a bit…

– It would’ve been nice if they had 10 songs but even so, I’m happy because I get to listen to new songs. Meanwhile, where did Tedder’s songs go? I wonder if they will have a mini unit later…?! If not, maybe a collab song?! I’m curious 

– Teddy again?

– No collab? No Chaenie sub-unit?

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