Chinese Media emphasized that KPOP idols are no exception to the new regulations on restricting fandom culture in China

After more than 20 fan accounts of Korean stars was suspended on Weibo, Chinese media stated, “The regulations that restricted Korean idols’ fandom culture will strike a blow to the KPOP industry”

Chinese fandom regulations

On September 7, the Global Times reported that in the campaign to “clean up” the entertainment industry by China’s Government, there would be no exception for Korean stars due to the fact that China’s idol culture originated in Korea.

Earlier, on September 5, after collecting a huge amount of money to fly an aircraft covered with BTS Jimin‘s photo, the Weibo account of Jimin’s Chinese fans was suspended for 60 days.

Weibo emphasized in their statement: “We strongly oppose the celebrity-obsessed fan culture and will strictly deal with those who against the regulations”

During 12 hours later, 21 fan accounts of many famous KPOP idols, including BLACKPINK (Lisa, Rosé), BTS (RM, J-Hope, Jin), IU, EXO, Taeyeon, and some NCT members, were suspended for 30 days. It is said that each of these fan accounts has millions of followers.

Therefore, the Global Times reported that these measures have signaled that fan clubs of foreign celebrities, especially Korean idols, will also be subject to the ‘cleanup’ of the entertainment industry.

Chinese newspapers also pointed out that the selling of KPOP idols’ albums and products depends heavily on their Chinese fan clubs.

As a result, the authorities of China have recently started to regulate the act of fundraising and irrational consumption of fans.

China’s largest music platform, Tencent QQ Music, has also limited the number of times people can purchase digital albums and songs.

In addition, the Global Times also pointed out that these series of new regulations will affect the sales of Korean entertainment companies: “Foreign companies making money from Chinese fans in irrational ways are no exception to the regulations.”

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