BTS’s “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life” webtoon has just been released to public.

A webtoon with BTS as its main character has just been released. And it has attracted much anticipation from the viewers.

On 17th, Naver announced that they have released a webtoon titled ‘The most beautiful moment in life Pt.0 SAVE ME’.

It is a webtoon which is going to show us the outlook about BTS’s ‘The most beautiful moment in life’.

This webtoon draws the story of seven characters who played together during high school. But now when they look back there are just pieces of beautiful youth memory.

Each person is living in his own pain. Therefore, Kim Seok Jin, who witnessed this, is looking back for the happiness of his friends.

The characters are exactly the same as the BTS members. Their features were properly showed in the picture.

In the meantime, the world outlook of BTS came out for a while in “The most beautiful moment in life” music video many times. You can enjoy by comparing between the music video and the webtoon stories.

Webtoon ‘The most beautiful moment in life’ is a product of Big Hit Entertainment and artist ‘LICO’. The chapter will be uploaded once a week starting from the first and second chapters today.

Source: Dispatch

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