Chinese Actress Xu Jiao Criticizes BLACKPINK Lisa’s Crazy Horse Performance as ‘Sexualization of Women,’ Netizens React

Xu Jiao accused Lisa of “sexualizing women” in her performance, setting off a heated debate among netizens

BLACKPINK has been making headlines not only for their contract renewal issue with YG Entertainment but also for Lisa’s daring performance at the renowned Crazy Horse cabaret in Paris, France. Although it was previously revealed that Lisa would not perform topless like other Crazy Horse performers, her act still drew criticism. 

Xu Jiao

On September 30th, on Weibo, Chinese actress Xu Jiao posted a screenshot from an audience member describing Lisa’s performance of “crisis? what crisis!?” where she portrayed an office worker and stripped. Xu Jiao commented, “I only see professional women being sexualized.” 

Xu Jiao became the first celebrity in the entertainment industry to publicly comment on Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance. Her post garnered over a million likes, with many applauding her courage to speak out. However, some advised her to be cautious in her remark, reminding her of her status as a public figure.

Shortly after the post was shared, some Chinese netizens dug up Xu Jiao’s past bikini photos and criticized her in turn, saying, “Well, you don’t dress any differently than Lisa,” “Why can you dress like this while others can’t?” 

In fact, Xu Jiao’s swimsuit photos have sparked a controversy in the past, and she openly responded, “It’s 2023, is it abnormal for girls to wear swimsuits? I love my body, so why not proudly show it to everyone?”

Lisa’s Crazy Horse performance is currently a hot topic on Weibo, with many Chinese netizens criticizing it as promoting objectification of women. However, others argued that it shouldn’t be overinterpreted. They left comments such as, “Can’t you guys stop making a fuss? Foreign netizens are praising it, while Chinese people are criticizing it. This is absurd,” “I don’t understand why you care so much. Crazy Horse is a legitimate venue.”

Source: ETtoday

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