Charlie Puth defended BTS Jungkook against haters 


Not everyone was pleased about BTS Jungkook’s contribution and his appearance in Charlie Puth’s song “Left And Right”, and left hateful comments everywhere. However, Charlie Puth showed that he doesn’t accept such an act by defending Jungkook against haters.. 

“Left And Right” MV – Charlie Puth ft. Jungkook.

Released in July 24th, “Left And Right” – the collaboration song of Charlie Puth and BTS Jungkook, debuted at the 22nd position on Billboard Hot 100 chart, at the same time made it to Top 5 of Billboard Global (excl. the U.S) and Global 200. As of the moment, the song has recorded 145 million streams on Spotify as well as 146 million viewers on YouTube. 

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The two had shown affection and admiration for each other even before the collaboration 

In the latest week, “Left And Right” can still be found at 47th on the Billboard Hot 100, 4 positions higher than last week. However, haters are still inclined to dismiss the success of the song. 

In particular, under a Twitter post that stated the aforementioned achievement, a netizen commented “Puth carried”, implying that the song’s success was all due to Charlie Puth’s popularity, and that Jungkook’s appearance never helped the song. 

charlie puth
Charlie Puth’s viral reply to a hateful comment directed at Jungkook

However, Charlie Puth himself saw the comment and answered directly “Team Effort” – explaining that both him and Jungkook played a huge part, and successfully debunked the comment within just 2 words. Now, ARMYs (fans of BTS) are showing enthusiastic response to Puth’s comment, and express gratitude as well as love to the American singer. 

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