Actor Kang Ki-young, who is known to live in a mansion with a wealthy wife, actually has an extraordinary past

The past story of actor Kang Ki-young is drawing attention.

The anecdote that Kang Ki-young once dreamed of becoming an ice hockey player when he was in middle and high school has recently been re-examined on an online community. It was what Kang Ki-young said in an interview with a media outlet after he appeared in tvN’s 2015 drama “Oh My Ghost”.

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Accordingly, Kang Ki-young practiced sports from middle school until high school with the dream of becoming an ice hockey player. He suddenly quit because his skinny and small physique at that time was not suitable for harsh exercises. After giving up on ice hockey, he went to study abroad in the U.S. He returned to Korea after finishing his study but didn’t know what to do with his future. After happening to watch a play in 2003, Kang Ki-young decided to pursue the path of an actor.

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Kang Ki-young also brought his own ice hockey uniform and equipment when auditioning for tvN’s “High School King of Savvy”, which tells the stories of ice hockey players. His careful preparation caught the eyes of the director so he passed the audition for “High School King of Savvy” and later starred in “Oh My Ghost”, which was created by the same production team.

kang ki young

This past story of Kang Ki-young was brought up again and became a hot topic online. Internet users commented, “He must be the son of a rich family. I heard that if you want to play ice hockey in Korea, your family can’t just have one or two pillars”, “It’s not easy to play hockey in Korea. He even went to study in the U.S”, “Kang Ki-young is not only living well but he is from a rich family”, “Playing hockey costs a lot of money”, “ He’s a golden spoon”, etc.

Kang Ki-young married a non-celebrity, who is 3 years younger than him and an owner of a gallery, in 2019 after three years of dating. 

kang ki young

As Kang Ki-young recently became famous for his performance in ENA’s drama “Extraordinary Attorney Woo”, his personal information is also attracting interest. The mansion where he lives with his wife and son also became a hot topic. In particular, the mansion is decorated with a modern style and boasts a large front yard enough to hold a wedding. This place also serves as his wife’s gallery. 

Source: wikitree

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