Korean media confirmed that YG Entertainment was “kicked” from Big 3, the official Big 4 empire beginning in KPOP

KPOP’s Big 4 currently includes SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, CJ E&M and Big Hit Entertainment.

On March 27th, the popular news site of Korean, Sports Seoul, announced a piece of hot news related to the leading entertainment companies in Korea. Until now, KPOP fans have become familiar with the term “Big 3”, referring to the 3 biggest entertainment companies in KPOP, which are SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment. However, from now on perhaps the Big 3 will only be the aura of the past.

According to current market capitalization, the entertainment industry will be dominated by Big 4: SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, CJ E&M, and Big Hit Entertainment.


Sports Seoul pointed out 3 main reasons for the new situation:

YG shares have plummeted in recent days due to a series of scandals from Burning Sun. Investors think that WINNER and iKON have become famous over the years. However, their fandom is not big enough to sell all tickets for the Dome Tour like Big Bang. BLACKPINK is very popular in Korea and abroad but cannot achieve the expected sales. In addition, the controversies surrounding Big Bang members such as their activities in the military, drug use, tax evasion make it difficult for investors to predict future profits and sales.

For CJ E&M, this big man does not directly manage the artist but operates the company as a method of equity investment and is now gradually expanding its influence. They have connections with subsidiaries like Jellyfish Entertainment, Stone Music Entertainment, Swing Entertainment, Amoeba Culture, AOMG, Highlight Records, and Hier Music Reco. CJ has grown into a giant company with the ability to produce music groups, train artists, organize events and expand markets to many different countries.

Big Hit is considered one of the most promising companies nowadays. Considering last year’s achievements, it is possible to calculate roughly that the corporate value will exceed 1,000 billion won to a maximum of 2,000 billion won thanks to the influence of BTS. It’s impossible to ignore the possibility that Big Hit will become the biggest stock company in the market, surpassing SM, JYP, and YG. Currently, Big Hit is continuing to promote development with the successful debut of its new boy group TXT. In addition, they also joined hands with CJ E&M to produce Belift Lab label with retrospect to launch new global artists in the future.

Congratulations on the birth of Big 4!

Source: tinnhac

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