“Chaeyeon or Chaeryeong is more popular?”, Korean MC criticized for rude question

After Chaeyeon was asked to select who’s more popular between her and her sister, ITZY Chaeryeong, fans expressed their anger.

On the April 6th episode of the YouTube program No Back Tak, Lee Chaeyeon appeared to promote her upcoming solo album. 


In this episode, however, Chaeyeon ended up receiving a rather untactful question from MC Tak Jae Hoon. 

In particular, the MC asked Chaeyeon to select who’s more popular between her and her sister. Hearing this, the female idol halted for a while before answering. 

“I think I used to be very popular,” Chaeyeon carefully said, adding, “However, I haven’t found my standing in the entertainment industry as a solo artist yet, while my sister is already popular.” 


Chaeyeon and Chaeryeong are famous celebrity siblings, with Chaeyeon being a former member of IZ*ONE and Chaeryeong being a member of ITZY

Seeing that both sisters are active in the industry, fans believe that the MC’s question put Chaeyeon in a hard situation, and can even be considered rude. Below are some comments from netizens: 

  • That’s such a rude question to ask… Chaeyeon must have felt really perplexed
  • I hope Chaeyeon can regain her popularity like when she was in IZ*ONE
  • Asking Chaeyeon to compare herself with her sister is such a foul move

On the other hand, Chaeyeon will return with her 2nd mini album “Over the Moon”, on April 12th. 

Source: YouTube

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