Celebrities’ views of artificial pregnancy with stark pros and cons

Recently, more and more female celebrities are complaining about infertility.

In addition, views of infertility and artificial insemination are sharply divided. When appearing on the May 31st broadcast of MBC Every1’s “The Oppa of Tteokbokki House”, singer Lee Hyo-ri confessed about her pregnancy plan, “I don’t want to attempt IVF treatment.”

Singer Lee Hyo-ri, who is in her 10th year of marriage, married singer Lee Sang-soon in 2013 and has been trying to conceive for the past 2 years. When asked about her plan for having a baby, she honestly shared, “I don’t want to attempt IVF treatment. I’d be very grateful to raise a child if the child was born naturally. But natural pregnancy isn’t easy due to my age…”

Lee Hyori

Singer Lyn, who appeared on the same show in April, also confessed that she was suffering from infertility. Lyn said, “It’s not that I don’t want to have children. In fact, I tried very hard. I don’t feel uncomfortable talking about infertility.” She added, “It doesn’t happen easily these days. I often went to the hospital, but I kept failing. I tried IVF and also suffered from ectopic pregnancy.”

Shim Jin-hwa and Kim Won-hyo appeared on various shows such as JTBC’s “Don’t be the First One!” and KBS2’s “Problem Child in House”, showing themselves struggling with infertility. The two confessed that they were trying to conceive through artificial insemination and IVF.

Besides, Lee Ji-hye & Moon Jae-wan, Park Si-eun & Jin Tae-hyun, Chae Ri-na & Park Yong-geun also appeared on TV and confessed to their miscarriage and infertility. Infertility refers to a condition in which a woman has not become pregnant for more than a year despite having a normal marital relationship without medical contraception.


On the other hand, there are cases where female celebrities are motivated by “artificial procedures”. Broadcaster Sayuri made headlines in November 2020 when she announced that she had given birth to a son by receiving sperm donation from Japan. She received sperm donation without a spouse and performed IVF. Sayuri and her son Zen are drawing attention and support from all over the society by appearing on KBS 2TV’s entertainment show “The Return of Superman”.

Unlike in the past, when mentions of infertility or pregnancy were cautious, recently, family forms have been diversified and a social atmosphere has been formed in which the average age of marriage and childbirth has been delayed.

Now that there are no fixed standards for pregnancy and childbirth, these honest confessions by celebrities are attracting keen attention and warm comfort from the public.

Source: Nate

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