Cube applied for the CLC copyright before a member sued the company

Cube Entertainment’s rush to copyright all information related to CLC made many people recall the cases of B2ST and T-ara in the past. 

On December 25, CLC member Elkie submits a legal letter to Cube Entertainment requesting termination of her contract due to poor treatment.  The reason given by the female idol from Hong Kong is that the company does not promote CLC and is not transparent in the payment of remuneration.  Elkie’s petition also revealed that Cube has no longer supported CLC’s development since February 2020.

Cube applied for the CLC copyright1

CLC debuted in 2015, but what Elkie revealed showed that Cube showed signs of neglecting the group.  Recently, fans discovered that Cube was in a hurry to copyright everything related to CLC before Elkie sued the company.

Accordingly, from November 23, Cube applied for the copyright of the CLC group name, logo, and even the CHERISE fandom name.  If their application is approved, this girl group cannot use the name CLC if the members leave Cube and join another company.

Cube applied for the CLC copyright1

Cube’s action for CLC makes netizens extremely frustrated because this is considered an act of keeping members while the company is no longer investing in the group.  As a result, many people assume that the Cube is too selfish.  This is also what Cube did when B2ST did not renew the contract.

Cube applied for the CLC copyright1

B2ST is the main group of Cube Entertainment, but the boys decided to leave and founded their own company after the contract between the two sides ended in October 2016.  Their breakup was controversial because Cube had previously registered to own the B2ST name in the fields of music and performance for 10 years.  Unable to use the old name, this boy group had to change the group’s name to HIGHLIGHT.

Cube applied for the CLC copyright1

The case of CLC also makes many people think of T-ara.  The girls left MBK Entertainment but the company registered “T-ara” as their own brand, thereby exclusively owning the group’s name and old songs in the entertainment, film, fashion, and cosmetics.

Then T-ara and MBK entered a legal battle over the copyright dispute of the group name.  MBK has repeatedly supplemented a copyright application but it was rejected by the court.  In the end, T-Ara won. 

Cube applied for the CLC copyright1

Up to now, the copyright application for everything related to the CLC has not been officially approved, but this is an obstacle in Elkie’s litigation process as well as the future path of the CLC, especially if the other members want to leave the company.  Currently, netizens continue to show their anger at Cube and hope for good things to come to the group.

Netizen commented:

 – I hate this company.  But I still love this agency’s artist very much.  All the artists are great, but the company is so trash

– Like the cases of B2ST and T-ara

 – My T-ara experienced the same thing but they got it back.  It’s also very difficult, I hope CLC will be lucky.

– CUBE has mistreated many more than just CLC. They threw away B2ST, keeping the trademark to spite them. They threw away 4MINUTE and held on to HyunA only to throw her (and E-Dawn) away later in the most spiteful and arguably stupid move of their entire history. Following, they abandoned CLC after the debut of G-IDLE (which all fans and even G-IDLE themselves were sadly aware of but powerless). CUBE has been doing this for the last decade. They just accelerated within the last 4-5 years.

– So CUBE is/was planning to disband them? I feel so sad, but I’m “happy” that she spoke about it. All I have to say is that this is a BIG mistake for CUBE. I wish all the best for the girls!

Sources: kenh14

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