Cut off joints, abandon…Celebrities’ animal abuse, we can’t ignore this

Suspicion that a famous celebrity abused their pet cat arose. Celebrities’ endless animal abuse controversies, the situation is too miserable to look at.

On Jan 20th, veterinarian Kim Myung Chul revealed an anecdote about a famous celebrity visiting his animal hospital through his YouTube channel.

In the video, veterinarian Kim said, “A cat of a really famous celebrity in Korea once came to our hospital. I freaked out. It had already been declawed.

He got angry, “Do you know why? (The celebrity) said that their face can’t get hurt. It’s like cutting off all human fingers. They cut off its joints so that its claws couldn’t grow.

He emphasized, “During the recovery process, the cat feels a lot of pain. Losing means of protection makes it sensitive. The biting behavior increases or the side effects are great. It’s the same as abuse.

Many netizens also expressed their anger. Accordingly, some have tried to find the famous celebrity’s identity, but it has not been revealed so far.

kim ji young

It has not been revealed who it is, but guardians have the duty to protect their pets under any circumstances. In the sense that the guardian who had to provide stability could not protect the pet but made it feel pain, the celebrity lost their guardianship, and it seems that they will not be able to avoid strong criticism in the future.

Actress Kim Ji Young, who gained popularity for playing the role of Do Bi Dan in MBC’s drama “Jang Bo-ri Is Here!”, was also embroiled in suspicion of abandoning her cat, causing a stir. Besides, rapper Achillo, who recently claimed to be Kim Ji Young’s ex-boyfriend, revealed that Kim Ji Young disappeared without paying back the money she borrowed from him.

kim ji young

Meanwhile, Achillo released a picture of the cat and said, “After Kim Ji Young brought me the cat, she said she would send me the fees for the cat then left. She said ‘Can I not take responsibility for it?’. Does it make sense to say so after abandoning the cat?”, raising suspicion that Kim Ji Young abandoned her pet.

As the controversy intensified, Kim Ji Young expressed her position through Instagram, saying “I and my parents are legally consulting problems related to this issue and in the process of preparing our response”. She remained irresponsible and did not mention the suspicions of making investments with debts and abandoning pets.

Actor Park Eun Seok was also criticized for abandoning his dog. In January 2021, suspicions of Park Eun Seok habitually abandoning pets were raised online.

A, who claimed to be Park Eun Seok’s college friend, revealed that the actor abandoned his dog. Fans who followed Park Eun Seok for a long time also pointed out that traces of his two cats, a toy poodle, and a large dog had disappeared from the actor’s SNS account.

Son Seok Gu Park Eun Bin Kim Tae Ri thumbnail

Regarding his pets, Park Eun Seok later explained, “They are growing well at the home of my close acquaintances. I’m sorry for worrying you”. However, the public continued to rage at Park Eun Seok even after his explanation. It is because handing over the pets to another person is also considered abandoning them.

Netizens poured out criticism toward Park Eun Seok, saying “That’s what we mean when saying that you abandon your pets”, “If the guardian sends their pets to another person without taking full responsibility until the end, it’s also considered abandoning and abusing animals”, “The pets lost their families in a night”, etc. In the end, Park Eun Seok admitted to his fault and apologized.

In Korea, the number of pet owners has reached 15 million won. Pets raised by celebrities also become “celeb” dogs and cats on SNS. Many of them bought the pets at pet shops and that eventually encourage illegal trades of pets.

Fortunately, the public’s awareness of animal rights nowadays has grown a little more than before. When any celebrity introduces that they bought kittens or puppies through SNS, more and more people try to prevent others from accepting such action and tell everyone to avoid buying pets at pet shops.

The same reactions are shown to celebrities who treat their pets cruelly. Everyone except those famous people knows that the actions of buying a pet from pet shops, cutting its bones, decorating them, and easily abandoning it when they don’t like it anymore then buying another one are unacceptable.

While netizens are still pouring out speculations on who the celebrity mentioned by Kim Myung Chul is, the veterinarian edited the part of the video where he referred to the cat abuse case. Veterinarian Kim then explained, “I think I was too careless when mentioning the anecdote of my experience in the past through a public video”, adding “In the future, I will think more carefully before creating any content.”

Source: Naver

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