BTS V shows worries ahead of upcoming solo release

V, a member of BTS, reveals his feelings prior to the release of his solo work. 

According to the latest announcement from BTS’ agency, BigHit Music, V will be the last BTS to make his official solo debut. With an enormous fan base, V’s solo endeavors have been highly anticipated. 

At the same time, netizens pose the question of whether V’s solo venture will earn the same amount of success as other BTS members, leading to quite a pressure being placed on the male idol.

bts v

Regarding this, V revealed his thoughts through a recent interview, saying, “I am anxious but happy… This album will carry my unique colors. There will be a lot to see.”

The male idol then mentioned ARMY – the fandom of  BTS, and expressed, “I believe ARMY will be satisfied with this album,” adding. “I hope you all will look forward to it.”

Finally, V promised that fans will be able to see a new side of him as a solo artist, which will be different from BTS V.

On the other hand, V previously left a strong impression with his raspy yet tender vocals in solo tracks such as “Inner Child” and “Christmas Tree”.

Source: k14

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