BTS V named “No.1 Handsome Man in the World” on China Baidu Baike

BTS V is making headlines for being named “No.1 Handsome Man in the World” on China Baidu Baike, the Chinese version of Wikipedia.

On March 24th, V was chosen as the No.1 in the list of ‘Top 10 most handsome male singers in the world’ released by Baidu Baike, the largest encyclopedia portal site in China. 

Baidu Baike is called the Chinese version of Wikipedia and the list it released includes prominent Chinese and global top stars. Ranking No.1 in this list, V has solidified his extraordinary popularity and status in China. It is not surprising to see V be listed on China’s online encyclopedia as the “No.1 Handsome Man in the World”. 

BTS V No.1 Handsome Male Singer in the World

V has confirmed his firm status and position in China by rising on the real-time top search on Weibo, China’s largest SNS site, with the keyword “Kim Tae-hyung is the most handsome guy in the world”.

This real-time search keyphrase appeared after V ranked No.1 on the poll of ‘most handsome men worldwide’ conducted by entertainment-related voting site “The Best Poll”, surpassing 150 celebrities around the world. This proved that V is widely-known as “worldwide handsome man” to local Chinese fans.

In addition, V frequently entered Weibo’s real-time hot search for his selfies and self-produced songs. When he was selected as the world’s most handsome man in the poll held by “Famous STAR 101,” he was trending No. 1 on the real-time search.

BTS V No.1 Handsome Male Singer in the World

It is not common for a Korean idol without any activity in China to appear in the real-time hot search of Weibo, the largest Chinese SNS platform used by more than 400 million people. Therefore, the fact that V topped the real-time search ranking has proved his influence in China is no joke.

V also earned a high score in the “Aiman Commercial Value Index,” which analyzes the commercial value of celebrities in China, taking 1st place among BTS members and showing off his popularity as one of the top performers in economic value.

In addition, he swept China’s largest SNS Weibo fan site followers, views, posts, and the No. 1 search volume of Baidu, the largest portal site in China, for five years, showing overwhelming popularity by ranking No. 1 in China’s WeChat index.

BTS V No.1 Handsome Male Singer in the World

V’s fan club ‘Baidu V Bar’ has the largest number of members compared to other BTS members, and it is surprising that it ranked first in album joint purchase and birthday fundraising among KPOP star fan clubs.

In China’s largest portal site Baidu and China’s largest SNS Weibo, V is proving that he is the ‘Prince of the Continent’ by covering various popular indicators with the status of ‘the world’s number one handsome man’.

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