Lisa reveals the secret to success that can change life

Lisa shares the life-changing secret to success 

Lisa began to share with the trainees who are in the process of training passionately that the foundation to become successful is to always believe in themselves, but that is still not enough.  People often think they need faith to achieve something, however, for Lisa, a truly successful person has the mentality that they have already achieved what they are always trying to pursue: “For example, if we want to be attractive, first we must believe that we are very attractive.”

  With what she said, many fans totally admired Lisa because the BLACKPINK member has achieved a lot of success when she knows how to take advantage of the two key factors for success, which is the strength of determination and positive mindset.

 What Lisa shared seems to be contrary to many people’s thinking, because usually when we try to do something, we only allow ourselves to believe that we have achieved it when we actually obtained it.  This mentality actually has many similarities with “Law of Attraction” that has been trusted and followed by many people, especially famous figures such as Oprah Winfrey, Lady Gaga, Will Smith, …

Lisa was extremely satisfied with the performance of Snow Kong when this trainee got her confidence back,proving the assertion that if you really believe that you do well, then that will become a reality.

This is the last lesson before the next elimination round, which means that 25 trainees will be eliminated and this lesson could become their last one.  Lisa did not forget to say goodbye and hoped to see them again soon.

I want to tell you, no matter what, I’ll support you. Whether you’ll leave or stay, I’ll be happy for you. Thank you for attending my class carefully.

No matter what, no matter what the future will be, I hope you can work on to the end, and I hope we can meet again. I’ll miss you guys so, so much.

Lisa said,

Sources: Koreaboo

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