BTS Suga confesses, “II had to get shots in every city we toured in…my shoulder just gave out”

BTS Suga talked about his shoulder surgery.

Seventeen Hoshi appeared as a guest in episode 4 of “Suchwita”, which was released on the Youtube channel ‘BANGTANTV’ on February 9th, and shared talks with Suga.

Hoshi confessed, “Actually, without an opportunity like this, I’d never have a chance to talk to you”, adding “I saw you during music shows, or at the gym, or on the news”, expressing his respect for senior singer Suga. In response, Suga showed his warm side by trying to make Hoshi feel less nervous.

BTS Suga

Hoshi mentioned the world tour that Seventeen recently finished, saying “Thanks to you, we have a lot more promotions in the States now”, adding “You really created the environment. We were only able to go on American TV shows because of you”.

In response, Suga humbly said, “No, it was because everyone did well in their own ways. I don’t really think we did anything”. However, Hoshi firmly insisted, “No, you need to know that you did”, adding “Everyone knows that the K-pop industry was able to advance into the States because of BTS”.

BTS Suga

Later, Suga and Hoshi brought up stories of their debut days and sympathized with each other. When Suga said, “There were three bunk beds in a single room. One slept on a mattress on the floor. For us, there were up to 11 sleeping in one room. Since you don’t know how many of you will get to debut”, Hoshi also agreed. Recalling the past, Suga continued, “Back then, conditions were really poor. Now PLEDIS and HYBE have become major companies, but when we debuted, there were only about 10 or 12 employees. It was probably the same for PLEDIS. There weren’t even 20 employees”.

Hoshi also expressed his admiration for BTS, saying he looked for all of BTS’s “ON” performances. Suga shared, “Ironically, I ended up getting shoulder surgery because of ‘Black Swan’ and ‘ON’.” When Hoshi said, “Your shoulder condition was really bad back then, right?”, Suga said, “In ‘Black Swan’, there’s a move that goes like this. After doing it, I could barely move my arm”. As Hoshi revealed that he also dislocated his shoulder sometimes, Suga advised, “Did you get surgery? It gets a little better afterward”.

BTS Suga

Suga added, “You know what it’s like on tour… No matter how much you tape it or put something on it or ice it after it’s over, it still hurts. I had to get shots in every city we toured in. I kept having to get shots. And then, during all those concerts and everything else in between, my shoulder just gave out”. 

Meanwhile, Seventeen unit BSS (Seungkwan, Dokyeom, Hoshi) is promoting their comeback song “Fighting (Feat. Lee Young Ji)”.

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