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Haha, “After getting married, ‘this’ is my only resting place… I drank wine alone there and got drunk”

Haha boldly confessed that he envies juniors who are singles towards his wife Byul.

Haha and his wife Byul appeared on SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on February 21st as special guests. 

On the show, MC Lee Sang Min cautiously said to Haha and Byul, “I’m saying this honestly. There is a rumor that you two are ‘bubble lovebirds’.” Tak Jae Hoon and Im Won Hee stared at Haha and Byul with sharp eyes, saying they would reveal the couple’s bare faces.


To prove his words, Lee Sang Min said, “Haha envies unmarried juniors”, adding “He once said on a broadcast, ‘It doesn’t matter if the house is big or small. You’re very lucky to be living alone.

Haha honestly said, “I appeared on a show with actor Lee Yi Kyung and I was impressed by his freedom. It was also the time when I got scolded a lot by my wife”, adding “I saw the house where he lived alone. It has the vibe of untidy freedom, from the soju bottles scattering on the ground to the cigarette smell. So I thought, ‘Oh, is this heaven?’”, drawing sympathy from “Dolsing Fourmen” cast.

Haha Byul

In response, Byul said, “Yesterday, my husband said, ‘We have too much luggage. We need to reduce the luggage. There are too many clothes and shoes, so should we get a studio apartment or a room to store things?’ so I told him, ‘Then I’m moving out with the luggage’. Then, Haha said, ‘No. I’m moving out’.

Byul explained, “It’s not because we’re not satisfied with our life or because it’s unhappy or difficult. I think it’s because we have three children and there are always a lot of people at home. We don’t have our own space to rest.

Haha Byul

Haha continued, “When we were newly married, we were able to live comfortably, but after the first child was born, my mother-in-law came in, my aunt came in. Then the second and third ones were born, and my only space where I can rest is the bathroom. I once drank wine alone in the bathroom. I came out drunk.

Byul made everyone laugh by revealing, “Haha doesn’t come out when he goes into the bathroom. Even when all the children wake up and get noisy, he pretends not to be awake and does not wake up until the end.

Haha married singer Byul in 2012. They have two sons and one daughter.

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