BTS j-hope discussed the loneliness of solo promotions and how Jimin helped him calm down

j-hope, a member of boy group BTS, shared the pressure he felt while preparing for a solo album and promoting as a soloist. 

On February 22nd, j-hope‘s balance game video was released on the official YouTube channel of Disney Plus Korea.

In the video, j-hope had to choose between loneliness and pressure when asked, “Which was more difficult to you while preparing for your solo album?”. In response, he said, “I will say, pressure. I was literally overwhelmed. Because it is my first solo album and it is my first step, so it was a huge pressure on me.”

BTS J-Hope

On the other hand, j-hope admitted that he also felt loneliness, adding, “In fact, all seven members were always together, from the first. Now I have to experience these things all by myself, and endure them too as a soloist. I was lonely in some aspects.”

Afterwards, when asked, “What do you think is more important while preparing? Attempt a new way vs. What you are good at”, j-hope chose the former. 

In particular, the male idol explained, “Definitely a new attempt. Since I tried something new, j-hope in the present exists. There are many things that I learned and experienced through the attempt. And I guess those have changed into something that I can do well.”

BTS J-Hope

Next, j-hope recalled the hardships while filming for the one-take “Arson” MV. According to the male idol, since it was a one-take production where fire was used, he was extremely nervous and sensitive about every take. The smell of oil, the heat, and the use of explosions, also made him dizzy and nervous, said j-hope.  

Finally, against the question, “What was the most memorable moment for performing in Lollapalooza?”, j-hope picked “The moment when all the performances were over”, and expressed his gratitude towards staff members as well as fellow BTS member, Jimin.

“Jimin came to Chicago to cheer me on and he also gave me some praise on how awesome my stage was. In that moment, many things passed by like a flash. ‘I really tried and it was worth it.’ 

I totally realized it at that moment, so I can’t forget”, the male idol said.

BTS J-Hope

On the other hand, j-hope shared that he doesn’t even remember the moment when he finished performing “More”, saying, “I was so into the performance. All I could think about was just the stage. Nothing but the audience and me.”

Then, j-hope recounted his feelings before Lollapalooza and expressed, “The funny thing is that an hour before the Lollapalooza, I wasn’t so nervous. I am a person who gets nervous a lot before going up to the stage even when I did as BTS. In any case, if you are not, you would make some mistakes on the stage, I believe. So I think it’s good to be nervous, but somehow strangely, I didn’t get nervous that day from off the stage. I guess one of the reasons was that all my burdens were gone because my friend came to cheer me on. From that moment, it was all gone, like magic. As you can see in the documentary, I kept saying to Jimin, ‘Thanks to you, I am so relieved right now.’ And that was true.”

Finally, j-hope described himself to be of “pure passionate”, and revealed his future plans. “I am 100% in passion, even right now”, he said, adding, “I think it’s my passion to show you as much as I can of my music, performances and other stuff until my fans are satisfied.”

Source: Daum, YouTube

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