Zico talked about his feelings of becoming a brand ambassador for Tiffany & Co. as well as picking out his favorite jewelry piece in a Cosmopolitan post-photoshoot interview 

Singer Zico expressed his joy and affection as the brand ambassador for his favorite brand since childhood. 

On February 22nd, on the official YouTube channel of Cosmopolitan, a video titled “Impossible! ZICO’s SWAG full review” was uploaded featuring singer-songwriter and rapper Zico. In the released video, Zico joined in for a post-photoshoot interview where he answered a series of questions by Cosmopolitan. 


When asked about his favorite jewelry product during the photo shoot, Zico said, “I love using this item [neck chain] every day. This is called Hardware Collection. The chains look very hip, and the silver grey feels… It’s hard to explain. You’ll know once you try it on.” The secretive answer piqued the viewers’ interests. 


When asked how he felt about becoming an ambassador for Tiffany & Co., he said, “Personally, I love jewelries. And I liked Tiffany & Co. jewelries since I was young. To think that I became the ambassador of the brand I like, I’m so moved. I’ll continue to show lots of special synergy with Tiffany & Co.”

In November last year, Zico was announced ambassador of the world-renowned jewelry house Tiffany & Co. 

Source: sports.khan

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