BTS RM is seen at the Hwaeomsa Temple on Jiri Mountain, is he going on a temple stay?

RM (Kim Nam Joon, 28), the leader of global idol group BTS, is spotted secretly visiting the Hwaeomsa temple.

According to the coverage by Star News on Dec 29th, RM was seen visited Hwaeomsa Temple, which is considered a representative temple in Jirisan Mountain in Gurye, Jeollanam-do.

RM is seen wearing a black hoodie and a thick padded coat. He was talking with the monk accompanying him. It seems that the BTS leader was visiting the temple to do a temple stay.


After getting off the black Genesis vehicle later in the day, RM went with a monk to meet the chief monk.

RM, who arrived in front of the Gakhwangjeon Hall, took a commemorative photo in front of the Three-story Stone Pagoda of Sasaja, a national treasure and representative work of the heyday of Silla Buddhism.

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The accompanying monk explained to RM in detail about the Three-story Stone Pagoda of Sasaja. He also added the story of Admiral Yi Sun Shin’s 12 ships while RM listened to the monk attentively.

RM has already experienced temple stay once in July. At that time, he drew attention by revealing his visit to Jikjisa Temple in Hwangaksan Mountain, Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do, with producer Supreme Boy and singer San Yawn.

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Meanwhile, BTS has been focusing on the members’ individual activities after the release of their anthology album “Proof” in June. Member J-Hope released his first solo album “Jack In The Box” in July, and member Jin joined the military on Dec 13th after the release of his first solo single “The Astronaut” in October.

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RM released his first official solo album “Indigo” on Dec 2nd and ranked 3rd on the US Billboard main album chart “Billboard 200,” the highest ever among K-Pop soloists.

Source: Star News

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