Song Hye Kyo avoids interviews due to ex-husband Song Joong Ki’s romantic relationship?

With one day left before the release of Netflix’s “The Glory”, Song Hye Kyo’s name is the talk of the town due to an unexpected issue. This is her ex-husband Song Joong Ki’s romantic relationship.

On Dec 26th, Song Joong Ki‘s agency HighZium Studio released an official announcement, saying, “Actor Song Joong Ki is meeting a woman with good feelings. We hope you give the two’s romantic relationship a warm gaze.

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However, they avoided mentioning specifically about Song Joong Ki’s girlfriend. For this reason, various rumors surrounding Katy Louise Saunders, who was pointed out as his girlfriend, poured out. Because Song Joong Ki chose to remain silent for 3 days, there are still various views towards his new lover.

In this situation, Song Hye Kyo lives her own daily life, which is no different from usual, and continues her SNS activities without any major change. The most important thing for her right now is probably the reaction to “The Glory“, which will be released on Dec 30th. Song Hye Kyo wants to do better than anyone else as she is expected by many people.

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So she decided to approach promotional interviews for “The Glory” cautiously. As previously announced, “The Glory” will release Part 2 around March next year after releasing Part 1 on Dec 30th. On Dec 28th, Sports Seoul reported, “Netflix is considering conducting interviews with the main actors after the release of Part 2 as ‘The Glory’ will be released separately in Part 1 and 2.

However, some raised suspicion (?) that broadcast officials were concerned that questions related to the romantic relationship of Song Hye Kyo’s ex-husband Song Joong Ki might appear.

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Song Joong Ki, who led explosive ratings with JTBC’s “Reborn Rich“, did not do a wrap-up interview for the drama. If you interpret it as an intention to avoid uncomfortable questions about personal life, it is a standard that should be applied to Song Joong Ki, not Song Hye Kyo.

Although the two were loved as a couple in the past, they are now just strangers who broke up. There is no way that Song Joong Ki’s romantic relationship will affect Song Hye Kyo’s career, or vice versa.

Source: Daum

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