A famous male idol broke his teeth while eating popcorn and had to visit the dentist 

This boy group member revealed an interesting anecdote of him visiting the dentist after breaking his teeth while eating popcorn. 

Jooheon (also known as Joohoney), a member of famous boy group MONSTA X, often interacts with fans through fan platforms. He recently explained an embarrassing incident that happened while eating popcorn.


In particular, while enjoying the popcorn, he found hard corn kernels at the bottom of the bag, and decided to chew on these hard grains. Afterwards, a crunch can be heard from Jooheon’s mouth, as the corn kernels had chipped his teeth a little. 

As a result, the male idol had to visit the dentist for treatment, and took the chance to take a selfie at the dentist’s office. 

In the released photo, Jooheon was staring at the camera with a green cloth covering his face, barely showing his eyes, nose and mouth.


Hearing about the incident, many fans expressed sympathy and left comments such as, “I often do that too, now I have to be careful”, “Jooheon must have been sick”, and “Corn grains are indeed really hard”.

Meanwhile, MONSTA X, to which Jooheon belongs, plans to make a comeback with the new mini-album “REASON”, which will be released on January 9th, 2023.

monsta x

The youngest member, I.M, who recently left Starship Entertainment and transferred to Sony Music Entertainment Korea, will also join this comeback.

Source: Insight

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