BTS Jimin once again set a new record on the TikTok platform

BTS Jimin demonstrated the dignity of the SNS king as he once again achieved a new record for the first time in Korea.

Jimin‘s Bangbangcon concert promotion video uploaded on BTS‘s official TikTok recently exceeded 120 million views. This is the first and highest personal record in Korea, and as of the 8th, it surpassed 110.1 million views and received 12.2 million likes, continuing to show the BTS member’s massive popularity.

BTS Jimin record on TikTok

In addition, “Jimin’s Unstoppable Dynamite Dance” is on track to reach 100 million views at 94.7 million views, and 13.9 million likes, while “Life Goes On” challenge “Flowers for ARMY” is on a steady rise with 52.8 million views and 10.1 million likes. 

BTS Jimin record on TikTok

In particular, his solo choreography video of ‘Permission to Dance’, one of the legendary contents that attracted 176,000 followers in 15 hours of release, recorded 56.7 million views, 9.6 million likes and won the TikTok Favorite Moment award at 2021 MAMA.

BTS Jimin record on TikTok

As a result, Jimin has a total of 324.3 million views and 45.8 million “likes” in total for four individual videos posted on the official BTS’ account. 

BTS Jimin record on TikTok


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