BTS Jimin has a sincere talk with fans on recent live broadcast, “I’m evaluating myself again”

BTS member Jimin impressed fans with his sincere communication

After attending DIOR’s ‘Lady Dior Celebration’ Exhibition on September 1st, Jimin went to the fan platform Weverse and held a live broadcast.

Before talking to fans, Jimin turned on the computer notepad and used it instead of lighting. He then said, “I got hurt while doing exercise”, reassuring fans about the wound on his hand that was captured in photos and during the interview when he attended the exhibition.

bts jimin

Revealing his whereabouts, Jimin shared, “After wrapping up my first solo album promotion in March, I’m calmly evaluating myself again and starting to study from the beginning with the feeling of private training”, expressing his sincerity of improving himself continuously although he has already become a top star with 10 years of experience.

Asking fans to wait for Chapter 2, Jimin said, “I’m thinking about making my 30s happy with fans”, adding “I know that many fans are supporting me so I want to do it better. I need to make new changes to do better. I’m confident that I can do it. I believe that I can bring about a change so that you can smile all the time”.

He then read some comments and answered fans’ questions, creating a warm atmosphere between idol and fans.

bts jimin

Later, Jimin showed his mood lamp to fans, saying he wanted to brag about it. The lamp showed the solar system on the ceiling with an illusion as if they were in space. Fans were happy to see the childlike appearance of Jimin when he showed pure and emotional reactions to the mood lamp.

Following the mood lamp, Jimin continued to introduce his house, such as the room for working out with exercise equipment, the guest room, etc. Before ending the live broadcast, he said, “Everyone, I hope you have a happy day. Sleep tight. I love you today and tomorrow as well”.

Fans who watched Jimin’s live broadcast on the first night of September commented, “Jimin represents sincerity”, “DIOR’s prince, how can you be this lovely?”, “He even has a mood light. So romantic”, “Keywords about him are trending”, “I hope Jimin can always smile like this”, “I hope the wound recovers quickly. Don’t get sick”, etc.

Source: Nate

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