“Missing”: Gong Hyo-jin purposely drew 30 dots and extended eyelashes to throw away the image of “Gong-vely”

The nanny Han Mae (played by Gong Hyo-jin) in the 2016 film”Missing” is a mysterious woman from China. 

Fascinated by the character whose identity is unknown but has deep wounds once you get to know her, Gong Hyo-jin tried to make Han Mae delicately after months of observation and research, from detailed gestures of nannies who take care of babies, the tone of lines to personality.

In particular, to perfectly express the appearance of Han Mae from China, she made a drastic change to show a new look, such as setting untidied eyelashes and more than 30 dots on her face.

In an interview at the time, Gong Hyo-jin proudly mentioned her transformation, saying, “Those who watch this movie while thinking about the image of Gong-vely (lovely Gong Hyo-jin) will be shocked.” 

The drama “Don’t Dare to Dream”, which aired before the release of “Missing”, was very popular, so it is said that many people who watched “Missing” while thinking about Gong Hyo-jin’s appearance in this drama were surprised.

Source: daum

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