Kim Woo Bin draws attention for his “manner hands” at “Alienoid” showcase

Kim Woo Bin’s polite gesture towards Kim Tae Ri shows his manners. 

Kim Woo Bin recently made a successful comeback to the small screen after 6 years with the drama “Our Blues”, in which he appeared with his girlfriend Shin Min Ah. He received good reviews for his portrayal of the character Park Jung Joon.

On July 20th, Kim Woo Bin will officially have his first cinema comeback in six years with the movie “Alienoid”. He is raising expectations for his performance in “Alienoid” by showing off superior physique and unique cool low-pitched voice in the previously released trailer.

Earlier today (July 14th), Kim Woo Bin attended a showcase for “Alienoid” held ahead of its release. Director Choi Dong Hoon and actors Yum Jung Ah, So Ji Sub, Kim Tae Ri, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Jo Woo Jin, were also present and shared various stories about the movie.

At the showcase, Kim Woo Bin handed a bottle of water to Kim Tae Ri, who was sitting next to him, and as soon as Kim Tae Ri finished drinking, he naturally took the bottle again and put it on the floor, as the chair is quite high. 

Also, during photo time after the event, Kim Woo Bin once again shone with his manners. Since there were a lot of people, the actors naturally had to stand close to each other. But instead of putting his hand on the shoulder of Kim Tae Ri, who was right next to him, Kim Woo Bin put his hand on the back of director Choi Dong Hoon.

Looking at the photos and videos, Kim Woo Bin naturally placed his left hand on Ryu Jun Yeol’s shoulder on the left side. Even after changing his pose, Kim Woo Bin used his long arm to skip Kim Tae Ri and put his right hand on director Choi Dong Hoon’s back.

Source: daum

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