BTS Dinner Festa was filmed 3 weeks before release: “A dinner worth 2 trillion won” 

The anniversary video of BTS was found to have been filmed about three weeks before the release date. 

The YouTube video “2022 BTS Dinner Festa”, which was released on June 14th, showed BTS members declaring a  temporary suspension of group activities, saying: “Even if we stop for a moment and relax and rest, we will continue for more time in the future”, before adding that they will focus on individual schedules over group activities. 

About 56 minutes into the video, Suga said, “I must have been to the White House by the time this came out.” As BTS left for the United States on the 29th of last month, the group must have decided to temporarily suspend their activities before going to meet US President Joe Biden. In addition, judging from the photos of BTS members published on social media, it could be estimated that the video was filmed on the 20th and 21st of last month.

BTS Joe Biden

After BTS declared their priority for solo activities, the stock price of HYBE experienced a huge decline. 

In particular, the day after the video was released, the stock price of HYBE plummeted by 24.87%, causing the company to lose close to 2 trillion won (1.5 billion USD) in market capitalization. The dinner of BTS is thus dubbed as a “2 trillion won dinner”.


As BTS’s announcement made headlines, HYBE refuted all rumors and speculations by stating that BTS is not considering disbandment. However, the stock price continued to struggle. 

HYBE’s ability to respond to crises also raised questions. One analyst said: “It is difficult to understand how things work, and HYBE’s response method is having a negative impact on the industry as a whole.” He also pointed out that a more mature response was needed as this was a major issue with a huge impact on the stock price.

bts proof

Meanwhile, other analysts expressed concern about HYBE’s earning in the 2nd quarter, with all artists already finishing their comebacks and BTS’s apparent absence. 

On June 23rd, Lee Nam-soo, a researcher at Kiwoom Securities, said: “Although there is a possibility that BTS members’ solo and unit activities will lead to an improvement in the content sector’s performance due to increased album sales and activity, it is impossible to avoid negative effects in the irreplaceable areas of concerts, MDs, advertisements, and appearance fees.”


He also added: “Annual sales and operating profit are predicted to decline by 19% and 32%, to 1.57 trillion won and 263.7 billion won, respectively.” The target stock price, which was initially set at 375,000 won, was significantly lowered to 265,000 won.

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