7 Balletcore outfits of BLACKPINK Jennie throughout the BORN PINK world tour

BLACKPINK Jennie proves she’s a fashion icon with outstanding Balletcore outfits during the BORN PINK world tour. 

It is no exaggeration to say that BLACKPINK Jennie contributes greatly to the “Balletcore” trend in Korea, especially with her various outfits during the BORN PINK world tour. Going from nation to nation, Jennie constantly switches up with different Balletcore outfits during her solo stage of “You & Me”. 

jennie blackpink world tour

The female idol also adds to the aesthetics with her hairstyle and makeup that caters to each and every costume. As a result, even while not wearing luxury items, BLACKPINK Jennie never fails to exude a chic and fashionista style. 

First, Jennie appeared with a silver outfit and took the internet by storm. In a body-hugging top and matching wrap skirt, the female idol appears as if she were a fairy dancing under the moonlight. She also donned grey leg warmers, hand ribbons, and matching hair accessories. It is known that her top belongs to the 2023 collection of fashion brand Miaou. 

Jennie blackpink seoul concert

The wrap skirt makes frequent appearances in Jennie’s Balletcore outfits, and the female idol switched to a light blue for another performance night. On the same day, Jennie adorned the Laquan Smith Suede Cut Out Twist Top which costs around 355 USD. 

blackpink jennie concert

Then, Jennie tried out red for her Balletcore series, with leg warmers, hair ribbons, skirt and top all in this color. However, instead of putting her hair up in a bun like a ballerina, the BLACKPINK member added a feminine touch with braids. Her top this time is sold at around 300 USD.

BlackPink Jennie

Jennie also adopted a more mature and mysterious vibe in a lavender outfit and a sharper makeup layout. Her corset top, which comes from Urban Outfitters, is listed at around 57 USD. 

BlackPink Jennie

Still the same balletcore vibe yet Jennie exuded a seductive aura in dark green. For this look, the female idol still stuck to a corset top, wrap skirt, leg warmers, and hair ribbons. 

blackpink jennie concert

Jennie looked like a princess in ancient times when wearing a V Chapman tight-fitting dress worth around 360 USD. She gave off a fancy and sexy atmosphere as the layered part around the hem of her top matched the skirt so well. 

blackpink jennie concert

Jennie burned the stage and increased her sexiness by presenting attractive dances while taking advantage of her deep-V outfit. She looked more mature and sophisticated when wearing dark-colored clothes. The sparkling details of the top combined with her shorts to help Jennie stand out throughout the concert.

blackpink jennie concert

Source: K14

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