BTS continues to collaborate with DJ Steve Aoki to release an English song

The third collaboration of the hit makers will promisingly bring a high-quality music product.

After several days of hiatus, on the evening of October 24th, the popular DJ Steve Aoki revealed on twitter that he and BTS will release a new song called “Waste It On Me”.

Fans have speculated a lot about which artist will collaborate with BTS in their new project. Some of the “nominees” include DJ Zeed, Ariana Grande etc. However, the mysterious character turned out to be the “familiar face,” DJ Steve Aoki.

The collaboration of the two top artists resulted in the hit “MIC Drop (Remix)” and then the song “The Truth Untold” (“Love Yourself: Tear”). In the third collaboration, the fans are expecting to see a global hit because in the 40 second preview, BTS performed “Waste It On Me” entirely in English.

Let’s look forward to the upcoming song and guess whether it can become a phenomenon in the international music charts.

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